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Glass Technology (GT) provides a range of repair services that will help you to keep your car roadworthy without having to outlay good money on expensive replacement parts. GT is the Sunshine Coast’s leading MOBILE windscreen and headlight repair business.
We cover from Glass House and Caloundra in the South to Noosa and Kin Kin in the North, our experienced technicians come to you to provide a high quality, convenient and affordable repair service that will save you money.
We offer the following services:

  • windscreen chip and crack repairs
  • headlight lens polishing and restoration
  • wiper scratch removal
  • taillight lens repairs
  • loose steering wheel grip repairs.
  • automotive window tinting

We use world leading state-of-the-art equipment to gain a clear edge over our competitors. Glass Technology’s equipment and our technician’s years of experience allow us to perform these repairs to the highest standards in Australia and pass Queensland Roadworthy inspections.

Windscreen Repairs

Did you know that it is illegal and a roadworthy infringement to have a chip or crack in your windscreen? And those little chips will often turn into cracks if not repaired. Don’t take the risk – repair them now.
Call us for a free no obligation repair quote. We won’t try to sell you an expensive new windscreen. If the damage is repairable then we’ll fix it and save you the cost of a replacement.
We come to you. We can repair Chips, Cracks, Bullseyes, Star breaks and Scratches to Queensland roadworthy standards and save you money.
Repair is Green. Replacement is an expensive waste of money and resources.

Headlight Repairs

Is your car suffering from dull or yellow headlight lenses? Many cars have headlights that turn milky or yellow from the fierce Australian sun. This can diminish the intensity of your headlight beam and reduce your night time visibility. Not only is this a roadworthy defect, it is dangerous.
We can restore the clarity of your headlight lenses to almost as new condition. Using Glass Technology’s high tech Acrylic Restoration system we can save you the expense of replacement headlights. The level of quality provided will enable your vehicle to pass a roadworthy inspection plus restore your safe night driving vision.

Steering Wheel Repairs

Ever had your steering wheel grip come loose? A loose steering wheel grip will fail a roadworthy inspection. Glass Technology has developed a system for repairing loose steering wheel grips that is quick and effective. In certain makes of cars the vinyl or leather steering wheel grip can become partly detached from the metal rim inside. This problem occurs frequently in many makes of vehicle including Holden, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru and Honda. Our technicians can repair most makes and models quickly and efficiently.

Scratched Glass Restoration

Glass Technology technicians utilise the industry leading Glass Technology Scratch-Hog to remove wiper-scratches, banner marks, acid rain and watermarks from windscreens and other automotive glass. Glass Technology's Scratch-Hog is an advanced water-fed grinding and polishing unit that is one of the few systems in the world that can remove scratches from glass. As a rule of thumb – if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it is often too deep to remove without leaving some distortion in the glass.